Dr Crissy Scott Psychologist

All therapy continues to be remote, no face to face appointments available (Updated 2024)

Amanda Cook

Counselling with Amanda

I currently work with a counsellor Amanda, who provides lower cost therapy. Sessions are £50 and she is offering an introductory rate of £40 for the remainder of 2024.


As a relational integrative counsellor, my primary role is to reflect your true nature, creating a genuine therapeutic experience. I am committed to providing a safe space that facilitates the integration of your emotions and experiences, while simultaneously building a strong foundation within you.

Trauma often underlies much of our suffering, and my approach is rooted in trauma-informed care. Through guided visualizations, bodywork, and breath meditations, we work together to create a sense of safety and connection to your body. This gradual process, paced according to your comfort, equips you with tools for everyday grounding.

My work is somatic, intuitive, and authentic. I share my felt-sense of the moment as a way to gently illuminate what may be stirring within you, creating an environment where you can trust me with your truth.

I welcome individuals with various needs and backgrounds, whether you come with a clear goal or feel lost and confused. My approach is grounded in embodied presence and the provision of a secure container.

Feel free to get in touch via the email address above. I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your healing journey.